My review of: Killer Koala Bears From Another Dimension


Killer Koala Bears From Another Dimension by P.A. Douglas

*** Book description as it appears on Goodreads ***

Killer Koala Bears from Another Dimension is a fast pace survival of the fittest grunge-fest.
Joana Reed and her boyfriend, Tim Bortimin, use mystical stones to open up portals in the fabric of time and space, opening a gateway to an alternate reality. When savage humanoid visitors invade Lewisburg, West Virginia, Joana and Tim fight their way past overwhelming odds to leave the town but find a dome of energy has them trapped. Their only hope is to return to the woman who gave them the stones in hope she has the power to save the town. It’s a race against time as the invaders increase in numbers.
Will anyone survive the slaughter?

My review

I finished reading this book on March 10th 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

The following contains spoilers!

Right away I was roped in by the title of the book. It screamed B-horror movie with tons a gore and lots of crazy.

So, what do a couple of bored outcast goth kids do for fun? Open portals to other worlds of course. As usual the kids have no clue what they’re doing. The gorefest ensues as humanoid koalas step through the portals and have the townsfolk for dinner.

I got the most enjoyment out of getting to know the inner thoughts/reasons for each character’s need to survive. My favorite being Joana, who’s reason for survival is more than just a little twisted. She’s pissed at Tim for being the cause behind the deaths of all the townspeople. She hates him for not showing her any emotion or support of any kind. And he gets a little too much enjoyment out of killing the koalas.Does she just want to live long enough to watch Tim get what he deserves for opening the portals? Or is she so angry with him not being there for her emotionally that she just wants to watch him suffer? Well, since she didn’t throw him to the koalas she must only longed for what they once had. But it was definitely amusing to see that while all this chaos is going on Joana’s biggest worry is that her boyfriend is being a jerk.

I absolutely loved the ending. Just a kick in the face to Tim and Joana for playing with things they knew nothing about. Of course they were setup but can’t feel sorry for the kids, that’s what happens to dumb kids in the horror genre. Should have thought about not messing with things before koalas showed up to eat you.


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