My review of: The Wild Boys


The Wild Boys by Travis Heermann

*** Book description as seen on Goodreads ***

Young Adult title. One sixteen-year-old girl versus a plague of beasts. Can a sixteen-year-old girl stem the tide of a lycanthropocalypse? When three younger boys show up on Mia’s doorstep, naked and on the run, she is drawn into a shadow world where a series of strange disappearances heralds a slowly spreading plague of lycanthropy. Mia must save the three orphaned boys from their brutal Alpha, a man-beast who believes humans are food. A war is brewing for the top of the food chain. Mia doesn’t know it yet, but she holds the key to the future of the human race.

My Review

Finished the book on January 19th 2013 and gave it 3 stars

The following contains spoilers!

Has a government facility created a lycanthropy virus as a new form of chemical warfare? Or is all this chaos being created by a power hungry nutjob who’s bent on making his own army of werewolves to overthrow human civilization?

Mia’s just trying to fit into yet another school and deal with normal teenage life. That is until she meets three boys who a running from a man named Slade who plans to force the boys into joining his pack. Mia knows something strange in happening in Omaha since both her father and aunt (who just happen to be part of the F.B.I. or other intelligence agency) won’t discus what’s going on even after Mia’s attacked.Armed with an ultrasonic baster and bear spray Mia’s set to help her new friends anyway she can.

As I first started reading this book I kept wondering okay where are the werewolves. It just seemed strange to be so far into the book with no real introduction to the wolves themselves. However this did give the build up to these strange occurrences that get mentioned later as “signs” that can be searched for as a way to track the spread of the virus. It was a little convenient that Mia’s aunt knows what’s happening and gives her the ultrasonic baster and bear spray to protect herself but won’t tell Mia anything like, oh maybe don’t hang around outside at night or stay away from large dogs.

Once I got to the point you first meet the three boys the story picks up fast and turns into a roller coaster of fighting for survival,friends, and family. Slade struck me as the typical nutjob that has let the new powers he’s obtained from lycanthropy go to his head. Due to his failed life prior to being changed he’s decided to bring an end to human civilization.

In the end I found this book to be a fast paced fun read. It left me feeling that perhaps there could be a sequel made to the book and I’d definitely read it.


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