My review of: Fierce Peace


Fierce Peace by Dean Henryson

*** Book description as seen on Goodreads ***

Jessica Snow lost her father when she was only five years old.
Two years later, on a lovely and pleasant May afternoon in the local mall, she leaves her mother, Mary Snow, chatting on her cell phone. Jessica dashes off to purchase a surprise gift of Mother’s Day flowers at a store not thirty feet away.

She is gone for seven minutes.

When she returns, her mother has disappeared. Dead people begin stalking her.

Thus begins, for Jessica and her mother, a descent into a nightmare world of paralyzing fear and unparalleled plot twists as they are tormented by events that have no earthly explanation.

The police, doctors, and friends of Mary are baffled. No one has answers except for Peter Townsend, the leader of a secret project he calls Event M, and a golden kitten that Jessica finds.

But the answers unravel into a …

Fierce Peace.

My review

Finished this book on May 11 2013 and gave it 2 stars.

Okay, the cover calls this book “a novel of terror”. So, my question is where was the terror? I didn’t find anything in this book to be terrifying whatsoever. Until I got to the end the book rated high up on the weirdness scale. When I learned the reasons behind the “weird” it wasn’t very satisfying. The story was interesting at parts but then would start to drag on and not seem to lead anywhere. I found towards the end that Jessica seem to be far more intellectual than an average seven year old. Yes, the book brings to light the reason she is, but then why does she have no clue what’s going on?
The best parts of the book were based around Randy Windingtrail. However since he wasn’t a very interesting psychopath he turned into another big disappointment in this book. There were a few interesting ideas in the book but they got lost amongst the story. If Randy had been fleshed out some more I could have found myself reading a book based around him over Jessica. I really wanted to like this book. From the description it sounded like it would be a creepy fun ride but I was left disappointed and wanting more from the characters and the story as a whole.


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