My review of: Bronze Gods


Bronze Gods by A. A. Aguirre

*** Book description as appears on Goodreads ***

Hy Breasil is grimmer than it used to be.

Before the Architect closed the door, there were regular crossings, and a great war decimated both humans and Ferishers. The native fae who refused to treat with the invaders faded; their bodies withered and died, stranding them as hungry, angry spirits that haunt the countryside.

That means there’s always trouble brewing in Dorstaad.

Janus Mikani and Celeste Ritsuko work for the Criminal Investigation Department, keeping citizens safe from things that go bump in the night. He’s a hardboiled cynic with an uncanny sixth sense; she’s determined to justify her promotion as the first female detective in her division. Together, they’re trying to keep a black tide from drowning the city.

But when the second body surfaces, murdered with the same type of infernal device, the entire CID must face the truth. There’s a madman on the loose, twining magic and blood… and only Mikani and Ritsuko can unravel the intricate, lethal conspiracy before the Royale killer completes his macabre plan, unleashing old, forbidden magic on an unsuspecting populace. If the maniac succeeds, it could mean the end of everything…

My review

Finished reading on July 6 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

I was excited to get started in of this book, but was a little let down to discover the book touched very little into the steampunk genre. Of course that was only a mild let down since the book itself was quite entertaining. The two inspectors complement each other in that they provide a side of investigating that makes up for the weakness the other has in the same area. Also their personalities align/complement well enough to provide an unspoken connection that allows them to predict each others move making them an unstoppable crime fighting team. A plethora of possible shady/suspicious characters were provided in a way to keep not only the characters but reader guessing who the murderer was. An all around fun read although there were a few spots that left me wondering why it was included in the book but I’m guessing those will be further explained in the following book(s). I look forward to the next installment.

I only have two complaints about the book as a whole. The first being that the print was small which has nothing to do with the story but it did make the book a little more difficult to read then it should have been. Secondly was the weird breaks in the writing when the characters were “thinking” comments to themselves. A neat idea yes, but at times it was a little confusing as to who was thinking said idea. After seeing this a few times I got use to it but still ran into the whole “wait, who said that” problem from time to time.


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