My review of: Night Film


Night Film by Marisha Pessl

*** Book description as appears on Goodreads ***

On a damp October night, the body of young, beautiful Ashley Cordova is found in an abandoned warehouse in lower Manhattan. By all appearances her death is a suicide–but investigative journalist Scott McGrath suspects otherwise. Though much has been written about the dark and unsettling films of Ashley’s father, Stanislas Cordova, very little is known about the man himself. As McGrath pieces together the mystery of Ashley’s death, he is drawn deeper and deeper into the dark underbelly of New York City and the twisted world of Stanislas Cordova, and he begins to wonder–is he the next victim? In this novel, the dazzlingly inventive writer Marisha Pessl offers a breathtaking mystery that will hold you in suspense until the last page is turned.


This book is due out on 8/20/13. I received a copy from a giveaway for reviewing.

My review

I finished reading this book on August 2nd 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

Following contains spoilers

A puzzle within a puzzle. As I first started reading this book I thought it was going to be a straight forward crime/thriller about why Ashley Cordova died from an “apparent” suicide. At least that’s how the book started out. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Because the family(Cordova) that Scott McGrath is invesigating so secretive this book ends up with more layers than an onion. As McGrath’s begins his investigation into Ashley’s suicide he runs across two young people(Nora and Hopper) who he hopes can help him start putting the pieces together of Ashley’s last days. Instead Nora and Hopper end up joining him in an attempt to learn the truth. My biggest complaint about this book comes down to when these three join forces I end up questioning how good of an investigative reporter McGrath really is when all the major clues they find are found by either Nora or Hopper. Little did I know that would end up getting explained later.


Of course since this is the amazing creative and eccentric Cordova family that’s being investigated nothing can come easy. And nothing is ever what it seems. They have spent so many years and so much effort to hide the real truth, McGrath, Nora, and Hopper must wade through it all. Unfortunately for them they’re lead astray and buy into some crazy notions. But that’s what happens when you’re putting a puzzle together without knowing what you’re looking at.
After wading through all the crazy McGrath finally hears something that fits and sounds to be the truth. But is it really the truth or just more smoke with glimmers of truth hidden within? Searching through more and more will McGrath ever find the truth? At least he appears to have reached a point where he isn’t worried about making it all into an article or book, he’s reached a point where he just wants to know what really happened to Ashley.

End of Spoiler

This book is about more then just why is Ashley dead. It’s more about how much a single person can touch one’s life. How a tragic event can bring people together that would have near crossed paths before. That the answer to the big question many not be the most important thing. You can end up missing the whole point of things if you’re focused only on the big picture, sometimes you need the details to make sense of things. And what you do with those details will alter your life forever.


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