My review of: The Reanimation of Edward Schuett by Derek J. Goodman


The Reanimation of Edward Schuett  by Derek J. Goodman

***Book description as appears on Goodreads***

Fifty years have passed since the so-called Zombie Uprising. The coasts of the United States have recovered to become thriving metropolises while the interior still struggles with the day to day zombie problem.

The last thing Edward Schuett remembers was a zombie attack on his family on the Fourth of July. When he wakes up, things are different. He is different. He can once again think and talk, but he still carries the zombie virus in his system. While some react to him with curiosity, the rest act with hostility.

Now Edward is on the run across the country, searching for his answers with a series of unlikely allies. His journey will take him from futuristic scientific labs to the burned-out ruins of small-town America, looking for the people who can tell him why he is different. But there are those who will not stop until he is destroyed—especially when it is discovered that Edward possesses a unique ability that may just make him the most powerful biological weapon in history.


My review

Finished reading on May 20th 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

I found this book to be a refreshing take on the zombie genre. And a truly terrifying concept if you really stop and think of someone having that kind of control over a group of people/zombies. Although Edward was once a mindless zombie it provided a fascinating thought to consider if a zombie were to regain consciousness and how they might go about handling what they had done as a zombie and how others react to you. If Edward wasn’t the man he was would he have handled things differently?


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