My review of: The Sinners by Elizabeth Flaherty


The Sinners by  Elizabeth Flaherty

***Book Description***

In a desolate section of the Arizona desert, a hotel rises from the arid earth, created by the infinite hate of a young woman who has reached out from beyond the grave to avenge her ruined life. Amy Light chooses seven sinners for the hotel. The seven have only one thing in common: they each bear some responsibility for the young woman’s death. Now she will do whatever it takes to see that they join her in Hell. As night falls on the first night in the hotel, a sudden storm brings flooding rains, violent thunder and lightning. Within the protection of the storm, Amy awaits her chance at the ultimate revenge.


My review

Finished on November 7th 2012 and gave it 3 stars

This book brings a whole new level to the idea of Karma. If it doesn’t catch up to you fast enough the dead may help it along.
Believing her life has been ruined by seven individuals, Amy Light makes a wager with Hell to exact her revenge. The book pieces together how each person’s involvement impacted Amy’s life. The book presents different perspectives of events and just how warped they can get. It begs the question does this person really deserve eternal damnation?


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