My review of: Run by Charles Findlay


Run by Charles Findlay

***Book Description***

When the zombie invasion starts there isn’t time to stop and think.

Amber and River Parker don’t know how they’re going to get out alive with their parents, little brother, or family friend.

They don’t know why the zombies act so differently from each other.

They don’t know why armed gangs have suddenly taken to killing and massacring people.

They’re not sure if they’ll ever make it home.

And they certainly don’t know that they’re the best chance humanity has to stopping civilization from ending.

All they know is if they want to live…

they need to run.


My review

Finished on August 16th 2013 and gave it 3 stars.

I found this to be an interesting read up to a point. A zombie outbreak occurs and a family is able to escape from a crowded zombie infested theme park. Of course it appears something/someone was helping them which may have just been their own unconscious or intuition warning them that something was up. The journey the family takes to get home and protect themselves was good and I would have given this books 4 stars if it wasn’t for last section of the book. Yes, perhaps if I continue reading the series things will get explained but I’m not sure I’d buy into it.

Spoiler Alert

I mean really what do the fae have to do with zombie outbreaks and crazy people with guns? I can kind of see where the author might be heading, but for the world of this book I just didn’t buy it. Yeah, the family “gets feelings” and hears or dreams things but I didn’t ever once picture that all that was because the fae were talking to them. Although it’s an interesting setup I’m not sure how well the presence of the fae and wizards will be able to explain the existence of zombies. Or maybe a little more hint at the fae’s presence before just making them “poof” out of the sky.
Would I read the next book? Yeah, I’d give it a shot to see where the story’s going and if the author explains things enough that I can buy into the sudden appearance of the fae.


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