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My review of: Pivot by L.C. Barlow

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Pivot by L.C. Barlow

***Book Description***

For some, the Devil introduces himself as an average man. For others, he crushes their souls and makes them bleed. For Jack Harper, the Devil renders himself a savior. But things are changing.

Once a loyal follower of Cyrus and an accomplished killer, Jack Harper now begins to question everything. There are new, strange forces at work that are intruding on Jack’s kills, abilities, and very being. Maybe, though, deep down Jack has been waiting for this intrusion, and maybe Cyrus is not as powerful as he seems.

My review

Finished reading of September 26th 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

Wow, this was a crazy weird book. A sick and twisted mind melt of a book that circles around torture, murder, deceit, fear, love and hatred. The description of the book mentions the dealings Satan has with people and how he changes his appearance depending on the person he’s dealing with. However Satan never steps up in this book and “shows” himself. Is he(Satan) all of the main people in Jack’s life or is he the person/thing that Cyrus is connected to? I believe I enjoyed this book more because Satan didn’t jump out and reveal himself in a complete obvious way.
The book did get quite graphic in a number of the scenes so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who would have issues with those scenes. I don’t believe it was a bad idea to include said scenes but instead think it showed exactly how twisted a number of the people in this book are.



I also read about the “twist” that some people mentioned in their reviews and I saw what they were talking about but I did flip back through the book once because I started questioning the view I had of Jack. I flipped back looking for what I had read that got me thinking what I was but couldn’t find it. When I finally hit the part in the book that explained it I wasn’t surprised but had I not had that little piece stick in my head I would have been completely caught off guard.
I felt for Jack who no matter what choice was chosen Jack ended up slipping deeper and deeper into the void. Jack never seemed to have an actual “choice” in anything. Jack thought what was being done was out of love, but finds out it’s only about the evilness involved in the act. Did Jack ever make a deal with Satan? I think so, not knowingly or by legitimate choice but then Satan never plays fair.


My review of: Burning For You by Lila Veen

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Burning For You by Lila Veen

***Book Description***

When Leah Holt returns to Blackwater, she crashes into Ash Lavanne. He is her catalyst, a fire elemental from a strange family of crafters who control the Blackwater Coven. Leah is ignited by Ash. She can build, destroy, create and damage, making her one of the most dangerous crafters in existence.

Blackwater is a town with a dark past. Four hundred years ago, the witch trials that happened have left a deep impression on today’s inhabitants, splitting the town into two rival groups – the Coven and the Order.

Then Leah discovers that Ash isn’t the only one who ignites her. She is torn in half in a love triangle and learns just how powerful she has the potential to become, but could lose Ash if she dares to find out.

My Review

Finished reading on September 19th 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

A fascinating read that runs you through a roller coaster of emotions. I found the idea of how a casters catalyst allows them to reach their full magical potential quite interesting. Of course there’s the added twist that some casters might have more than one possible catalyst. For Leah this turns out to be true and only adds to her confusion and the rest of the chaos in her life. When Leah first gets involved with Ash I started thinking that there went any possible point of a story in the book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the relationship ended up adding another layer of issues to the story/Leah’s life.

I enjoyed the characters and was surprised to find that most of the relationships throughout the book had more depth then I expected. Of course that is not so obvious from the beginning of the book but required further reading before discovering the details. The relationships between Leah and her mother and sister are somewhat twisted and end up being a main focus in the book. It’s not until you get a view from all three women that you learn how far from the truth a person can twist what others do/think.

It’s crazy how far a person hellbent on revenge is willing to go when they have the added ability of a caster. Although I’m stuck wondering if the revenge is also against Leah or if she’s just collateral damage because of how close she is to the Lavanne family. I would most definitely read the next book in this series. I want to find out how far revenge will take people and what one is willing to sacrifice to get it. Plus I’d love to find out where the relationships in Leah’s life are going.

My review of: Warrior by Zoe Archer

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Warrior by  Zoe Archer

***Book Description***

To most people, the realm of magic is the stuff of nursery rhymes and dusty libraries. But for Capt. Gabriel Huntley, it’s become quite real and quite dangerous…

The vicious attack Capt. Gabriel Huntley witnesses in a dark alley sparks a chain of events that will take him to the ends of the Earth and beyond—where what is real and what is imagined become terribly confused. And frankly, Huntley couldn’t be more pleased. Intrigue, danger, and a beautiful woman in distress—just what he needs.

Raised thousands of miles from England, Thalia Burgess is no typical Victorian lady. A good thing, because a proper lady would have no hope of recovering the priceless magical artifact Thalia is after. Huntley’s assistance might come in handy, though she has to keep him in the dark. But this distractingly handsome soldier isn’t easy to deceive…

My review
I gave Warrior 4 stars.
A super fun read that runs along the lines of an Indiana Jones adventure. That is if Indy was driven by love instead of the treasures he hunts for. The cover even draws upon the “Indy” look, which I’m not sure was done on purpose or not. The main characters drew me in with their love/annoyance relationship. How they run the gambit of can’t stand the other person, they think I’m a brutish idiot, to I can’t live without this person. A few of the occurrences throughout the book struck me as odd, like how is it that in a place populated with nomads/warriors/thieves is Gabriel Huntley the only shining example on manliness? But seeing as this was a romance/adventure book I didn’t let myself over analyze these “strange occurrences.”
Lots of sass, adventure, and a magical romance that has me wanting to continue with the rest of this series. This book had a number of one liners and comments that had me constantly entertained/cracking up. If it wasn’t for those I think I would have ended up giving the book 3 instead 4 stars. And although as I read I questioned “you’re doing what in the middle of danger” I couldn’t help but buy into the idea that Thalia and Gabriel were brought together by some mythical force, that they were meant to be together and fight together.

My review of: Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

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Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

***Book description***

The Night Watch series has caused a sensation never before seen in Russia — its popularity is frenzied and unprecedented, and driven by a truly great, epic story. In 2005 Fox Searchlight announced it had acquired the Russian film adaptation for an American release. Interest in the books here is now set to reach a fever pitch. Set in modern day Moscow, Night Watch is a world as elaborate and imaginative as Tolkien or the best Asimov. Living among us are the “Others,” an ancient race of humans with supernatural powers who swear allegiance to either the Dark or the Light. A thousand-year treaty has maintained the balance of power, and the two sides coexist in an uneasy truce. But an ancient prophecy decrees that one supreme “Other” will rise up and tip the balance, plunging the world into a catastrophic war between the Dark and the Light. When a young boy with extraordinary powers emerges, fulfilling the first half of the prophecy, will the forces of the Light be able to keep the Dark from corrupting the boy and destroying the world?

An extraordinary translation from the Russian by noted translator Andrew Bromfield, this first English language edition of Night Watch is a chilling, engrossing read certain to reward those waiting in anticipation of its arrival


My review

I gave it 5 stars.

This book was crazy, there was so much going on that very few of the characters knew every part of grand scheme of things. The two sides of Others(The Light and The Darkness) are constantly trying to to gain control over the other side while all of humanity suffers from the Other’s wars. Anton is a Light watcher who is one of the pawns in the grand games between the two grand magicians in charge of the two Watches. Anton is lost amongst his own problems and questions. Is the Night Watch really doing all it can to protect humankind from the Dark Ones? Is he stuck with the destiny he’s being setup with or can he beat these two magicians at their own game.
In following Anton you learn this story isn’t just about Good verses Evil. It’s also about the pain of lose. Of not knowing if one’s actions are truly good or evil, or if one good action performed could lead to a massive evil event. And how much love can influence a person’s morals and actions.
I can’t wait to read the next installment and see where it takes all the characters next.