My review of: Burning For You by Lila Veen


Burning For You by Lila Veen

***Book Description***

When Leah Holt returns to Blackwater, she crashes into Ash Lavanne. He is her catalyst, a fire elemental from a strange family of crafters who control the Blackwater Coven. Leah is ignited by Ash. She can build, destroy, create and damage, making her one of the most dangerous crafters in existence.

Blackwater is a town with a dark past. Four hundred years ago, the witch trials that happened have left a deep impression on today’s inhabitants, splitting the town into two rival groups – the Coven and the Order.

Then Leah discovers that Ash isn’t the only one who ignites her. She is torn in half in a love triangle and learns just how powerful she has the potential to become, but could lose Ash if she dares to find out.

My Review

Finished reading on September 19th 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

A fascinating read that runs you through a roller coaster of emotions. I found the idea of how a casters catalyst allows them to reach their full magical potential quite interesting. Of course there’s the added twist that some casters might have more than one possible catalyst. For Leah this turns out to be true and only adds to her confusion and the rest of the chaos in her life. When Leah first gets involved with Ash I started thinking that there went any possible point of a story in the book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the relationship ended up adding another layer of issues to the story/Leah’s life.

I enjoyed the characters and was surprised to find that most of the relationships throughout the book had more depth then I expected. Of course that is not so obvious from the beginning of the book but required further reading before discovering the details. The relationships between Leah and her mother and sister are somewhat twisted and end up being a main focus in the book. It’s not until you get a view from all three women that you learn how far from the truth a person can twist what others do/think.

It’s crazy how far a person hellbent on revenge is willing to go when they have the added ability of a caster. Although I’m stuck wondering if the revenge is also against Leah or if she’s just collateral damage because of how close she is to the Lavanne family. I would most definitely read the next book in this series. I want to find out how far revenge will take people and what one is willing to sacrifice to get it. Plus I’d love to find out where the relationships in Leah’s life are going.


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