My review of: Pivot by L.C. Barlow


Pivot by L.C. Barlow

***Book Description***

For some, the Devil introduces himself as an average man. For others, he crushes their souls and makes them bleed. For Jack Harper, the Devil renders himself a savior. But things are changing.

Once a loyal follower of Cyrus and an accomplished killer, Jack Harper now begins to question everything. There are new, strange forces at work that are intruding on Jack’s kills, abilities, and very being. Maybe, though, deep down Jack has been waiting for this intrusion, and maybe Cyrus is not as powerful as he seems.

My review

Finished reading of September 26th 2013 and gave it 4 stars.

Wow, this was a crazy weird book. A sick and twisted mind melt of a book that circles around torture, murder, deceit, fear, love and hatred. The description of the book mentions the dealings Satan has with people and how he changes his appearance depending on the person he’s dealing with. However Satan never steps up in this book and “shows” himself. Is he(Satan) all of the main people in Jack’s life or is he the person/thing that Cyrus is connected to? I believe I enjoyed this book more because Satan didn’t jump out and reveal himself in a complete obvious way.
The book did get quite graphic in a number of the scenes so I wouldn’t recommend it to people who would have issues with those scenes. I don’t believe it was a bad idea to include said scenes but instead think it showed exactly how twisted a number of the people in this book are.



I also read about the “twist” that some people mentioned in their reviews and I saw what they were talking about but I did flip back through the book once because I started questioning the view I had of Jack. I flipped back looking for what I had read that got me thinking what I was but couldn’t find it. When I finally hit the part in the book that explained it I wasn’t surprised but had I not had that little piece stick in my head I would have been completely caught off guard.
I felt for Jack who no matter what choice was chosen Jack ended up slipping deeper and deeper into the void. Jack never seemed to have an actual “choice” in anything. Jack thought what was being done was out of love, but finds out it’s only about the evilness involved in the act. Did Jack ever make a deal with Satan? I think so, not knowingly or by legitimate choice but then Satan never plays fair.


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